‘A Letting of Blood’ was meant as one simple, if dark, adventure but it took on a life of it’s own in my head. The protagonists began to lead the story and evolve and it grew into a Dark Fantasy epic: a bloody battle for survival for Andy and Patrick thrown from their familiar reality into an ancient vampyre world.

Their arrival foreshadows an ancient curse for Fenrir, vampyre Lord of the Cumbryll and Unn, mercenary to the human merchants of Scarne. As histories unravel Fenrir faces madness and Unn dishonour and its bitter consequences as allegiances break down and a new and alien threat is revealed.

At the moment I’m in the midst of a re-write. I’m not sure yet how long it will take but it will be reborn, in three parts rather than one.

It’s going to be triplets.


Working Titles:

Book 1 – The House On The Moor

Book 2 – Grey Priests

Book 3 – Return To Scarne