A Mystery Weekend

glasserton bamboo 03

Saturday 24th June, Attended two events at the Wigtown Mystery Weekend. The Crime writer events are quite new in Wigtown and although I don’t, so far, write crime it was no less interesting to hear the process involved. Some of which were unique to crime writing, many of which were not.

Mike Craven, a cumbrian writer took us on his journey to publication but he also gave us a flavour of the inspiration, the Stone Circles that pepper the cumbrian landscape, the history, people and place that form the backdrop to his flawed but determined detective. The horror that lurks beneath the beauty.

Jackie Baldwin, again writing from a perspective of place took us through the winding streets of Dumfries and a crime inspired by the once enclosed, now abandoned Benedictine girls school of her youth. Her detective a failed priest fighting with his faith and sanity and faced with a crime which will test both.

Both writers had struggled early on, neither had had an easy path to publication so I found myself with no excuses not to get on with the next chapter.

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